News – May 2018

National consent’s evaluation

Swiss Biobanking Platform has been appointed by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences to evaluate the v1 / 2017 version of the national consent. For this task, SBP has been supported by its Governance Advisory Board (list of members) and has consulted several stakeholders whose opinions have been considered essential for a comprehensive and relevant evaluation. Among the consulted parties there were:

  • the five University Hospitals
  • the Interface science-société – UNIL, Lausanne
  • Patients’ organizations
  • the supporting infrastructure for European biobanks, BBMRI
  • the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner

To read the evaluation, click here.

News – March 2018

Open consultations

> Dataset for Bacteria

Defining the essential data linked to samples supports the goal of improving the quality of samples, making samples from different biobanks comparable and searchable, promoting their exchange and enhancing visibility. To this end, the SBP Working Group Microbiology proposes a dataset for bacteria, recommended to be used by all biobanks.
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News – March 2018

New documents are published

> The SBP Annual Report 2017 is available for download (pdf)

> The SBP glossary provides standardized biobanking terminology. It’s available in english, german and french (pdfs).

> The list of ethical, legal, and professional standards for human research biobanks (pdf) is a compilation of relevant standards applicable to research biobank [Status as of 1 March 2018].



SBP’s vision is to help Switzerland consolidate its position at the forefront of biomedical research by facilitating access and optimal usage of its existing and future biobanked specimens.

Considering the fact that sample quality is the cornerstone of a biobank’s reputation, the SBP mission is to develop a reliable customer-oriented network of biobanks in Switzerland with harmonized processes in terms of:

  • General information and consent of citizens (including patients)
  • Preanalytical conditions for sample processing and storage
  • Laboratory informatics management system associated with samples, data storage and confidentiality
  • Annotation of samples and data
  • Traceability, access and distribution of samples and
    data for research purposes
  • Support to investigators
  • Biobank sustainability


Production of harmonized process

To that end, SBP shall develop the following objectives which are clearly defined in an agreement co-signed 29th June 2015 by SNSF, SAMS and the project group:

  • Setup of a professional organization in close collaboration with the 5 University Hospitals
  • Creation of a central web based catalogue of existing and de novo biobanks with data and samples’ access policies
  • Integration of non-human biobanks
  • Coordination and harmonization
    of biobanking activities
  • Support in terms of legal, ethical and societal issues (ELSI)
  • Implementation of a proof of concept study for the credibility
    of the platform
  • Representation and evolution as the Swiss node in the BBMRI network
  • Development of a business model to ensure sustainable funding of the SBP

The SBP will be deployed in four phases with the launch of the platform in 2015, the analysis of existing biobanks in 2016, the establishment of harmonized procedures by 2017 that will be implemented in a pilot feasibility study as soon as 2018.

To provide guidance to Swiss Institutions willing to set up and use the national Consent for Research, SBP releases Best Practices – General Consent for Research in support of the consent documents developed by SAMS/Swissethics.

> Download the Best Practices (PDF) <


Governing Board

The business of SBP is conducted by the Governing Board, composed of the founding members of SBP association, representing non-profit organizations officially commissioned to conduct biobanking activities.

Project Group

Prof. Vincent Mooser, President

Head Laboratory Department at CHUV

Prof. Tosso Leeb

Head Institute of Genetics,
Vetsuisse Faculty, Bern

Prof. Aurel Perren, Vice-President

IDirector Institute of Pathology,
University Hospital Bern

Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch

Head Unit Chronic Disease
Epidemiology, Swiss TPH Basel

University Hospital


Prof. Christoph Meier


Prof. Matthias Gugger


Prof. Antoine Geissbühler


Prof. Jean-Daniel Tissot


Prof. Gabriela Senti

Executive Office

Implementation of SBP’s objectives is under the responsibility of the executive office led by Christine Currat, PhD.




Avenue d’Echallens 9
1004 Lausanne
T +41 21 314 46 91